Watch: Buccaneers Brady Fesses Up on Tuck Game


Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady might be coming up on forty-five but one thing is for sure, this cat does not need a nip and tuck. In fact. He’s trying to give a “tuck” back.

Always Busting Chops

The call made during the 2001 AFC Divisional Playoff game. The reversal of a called turnover that was the springboard to Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl as the Patriots quarterback. To this day, too close to be definitively sure. Almost on par with the Immaculate Reception. A small window for interpretation will always exist.

This isn’t even the first time that Tom has kidded around about it. Buccaneers fans have a chip in this game. It has always been a speculation by this reporter. If Jon Gruden leads Oakland furthered that postseason, would Al Davis have still considered trading the coach to Tampa Bay that offseason? Would Gruden have won a Super Bowl in XXXVI in Oakland and not XXXVII in Tampa Bay? Inquiring minds want to know.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

This may come as a shock to you but the GOAT is pretty swift at social media. A new trend that Brady took part in is a video where Justin Bieber ask people to “tell me something honest”. On his own Twitter page, Tom Brady does just that. The tweet seen here goes right to the the nip of the tuck. And in a rare moment of NFL off-season slow news cycle the shield responded. The response seen here is a prefect volley.

The play was always bang-bang. You can watch it over and over and over on a loop. Still not being completely sure the ball was tucked, or fumbled. That’s the way it goes with the most infamous plays in NFL history. The Raider/Chargers “Holy Roller” game. The aforementioned “Immaculate Reception”. Even the “Music City Miracle”. They are forever etched in the minds of NFL fans. Impossible to be one hundred percent sure of the call.

Especially when the participant himself refuses to “nip it in the Bud”. Choosing instead to continue to “tuck” it back into the limelight at every turn. Which truthfully is exactly how a baller, balls. And Buccaneers fans, don’t you just love your baller.

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