Buccaneers’ Trask Impresses at OTAs


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers began the 2022 NFL offseason with only quarterback Kyle Trask under contract. Tom Brady had just retired, Blaine Gabbert was a free agent, Trask’s time looked to be inevitable. Then Brady un-retired, Gabbert re-signed and suddenly Trask is an afterthought.

Within a week or so, Trask went from looking to compete for the starting job, to holding a clipboard. But that might not be a bad thing for the second year quarterback out of Florida.

An upside for Trask being low man on the totem pole is all the extra reps he’s getting to take in OTAs. Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles talked about this and how Trask is handling it.

“We’re getting to see him compete in some competitive periods. That’s making him make quick decisions and we like what we see.”

No Stranger To Working 

Trask is no stranger to working his way up a depth chart. He did so in high school and again at the University of Florida. Trask has a penchant for being patient and making the best when given the opportunity. He recently talked about this.

“Probably by default it does help me, I want to compete every single day, but just along my journey that’s been the road I’ve taken, by default I’ve had to sit…Ultimately I think that’s helped me in the end because it just forces me to keep stacking these days and getting better.”

Trask was also asked about Brady’s return and how it affects him.

“(Brady) had his own situation and he made whatever decision that he felt was best for the point he is at in his career, and I’m just excited to be here playing football,” Trask said. “I’m able to take really good reps here at OTAs competing out here, and all I can do is keep getting better.”

The Buccaneers handling of Kyle Trask is actually the best case scenario for both sides. Trask, unlike a lot of quarterbacks doesn’t get thrown in the fire and gets another year to learn under Brady. The Buccaneers get a quarterback in Trask who now can grow into his role as a starter.

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