Buccaneers’ Brady: “Zero” Truth to Arians Rift


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and conspiracy theories have been hand in hand since the announcement of Tom Brady’s retirement and subsequent un-retirement. One of the conspiracies that keeps rearing it’s ugly head is the Tom Brady vs. Bruce Arians narrative.

Shortly after Brady announced his return, Arians stepped down as head coach. The move only ignited the conspiracy that there was animosity between Brady and Arians. Arians was quick to dismiss the rumor at every turn. Now, Brady himself is dismissing it.

As reported by Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Brady was adamant that there was no issue between him and Arians. He went on to point out that Arians was a major part of his decision to initially join the Buccaneers.

This should put to bed this rumor, but it won’t. The Florio’s of the world will continue to twist any news about the two into proof of their narrative.

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