Buccaneers Named Top Destination for Pro Bowl RB via Trade


From the moment the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed free agent quarterback Tom Brady they would be linked to any and every player rumor out there. Some ending up being prophetic, most were pathetic. The latest one, floated by Kristopher Knox from Bleacher Report falls somewhere in the middle.

Knox names the Buccaneers as the top destination for New York Giants’ running back Saquon Barkley via a trade.

“While a healthy Barkley could help get more out of Jones, he could also bring much-needed value in a trade. His guaranteed $7.2 million salary isn’t excessive, and the Giants might be able to pry a high day two pick from a contender if they’re willing to absorb some of it. The alternative for New York is letting Barkley play out his contract and then deciding whether to invest heavily in an up-and-down running back with a lengthy injury history. That’s a tough position for a franchise that isn’t ready to compete now.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ready to win now and could use another dual-threat running back after losing Ronald Jones II in free agency. Tampa has $10.5 million in cap space available and could afford to add Barkley as another outlet option for Tom Brady. Barkley’s contract situation may be easier to take for the Bucs than for other teams. Having Barkley on a one-year deal isn’t as much of an issue for a team that may enter a full-blown rebuild if Brady retires (for real, this time) next offseason.”

That’s Gonna Be A No Dawg

OK, we’ll bite, Barkley paired with Leonard Fournette is definitely intriguing. Barkley is in the final year of his rookie deal so he’s affordable. On the other hand, Barkley has struggled with injuries, suffering three in his first four years. Granted, Barkley wouldn’t be the workhorse as he’d split time with Fournette, but still.

The Buccaneers of all teams know the value of depth, especially at key positions. I would go so far as to say it might be worth a look if it just ment taking on his contract. But having to give up draft capital in a trade for him is the deal breaker here.

The Buccaneers have some young talent at the position behind Fournette. They’ve spent good draft capital the last two seasons on Ke’Shawn Vaughn and Rachaad White. Also, it’s not like Fournette is old, he’s 27. Just another reason this doesn’t make sense.

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