Julian Edelman Teases Playing for the Buccaneers?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had more rumors associated to them this offseason than Jameis Winston has pick-six’s.

Former Patriots’ wide receiver Julian Edelman was recently at the Sunset Sports Media Festival where he was asked about a potential reunion with Tom Brady. Edelman’s response was, well, interesting.

“I don’t know, we’ll see, that’s called a little teaser. We’ll see,” Edelman went on. “We’re staying in shape but you never know. But I’d probably go back to the Patriots. I love the Patriots. Foxborough Forever.”

A Potential Buccaneers Reunion?

It’s been two years since Edelman played in the NFL. He was limited to just six games with the Patriots during his final season before retiring from the sport due to knee ailments. Edelman has had to spend a lot of time rehabbing his knee even after retiring.

Even with the injuries, Edelman was one of Brady’s favorite targets in New England. In the 11 years they played together the two grew close on and off the field while winning three Super Bowls.

Recently tight end Rob Gronkowski, who is contemplating a return said, “Oh yeah, if Julian signs with the Bucs right now, I’m coming back for a whole other year,” Gronkowski said, via Sports Illustrated. “Hands down. I was just with him last night. He needs to sign with the Bucs.”

Edelman is no spring-chicken at 36 years old. He appears interested in returning, but as he said, that if he returned it would “probably” be with the Patriots. The rub here is, Brady can be very influential when he needs to be. Couple that with, if Brady and the Buccaneers can land Edelman they also get Gronkowski. That might be worth it for a team like the Bucs looking to go all in this year.

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