One Question Each Bucs Draft Pick Must Answer


Rookies have reported to training camp for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s finally time for these young stars of the future to strap on the pads and start to get their feet wet in the NFL. It’s certainly a time of excitement and optimism.

With that said, each of these rookies have a lot to prove. They are now entering a grown man’s league and have to show the world they really belong. To do that, they have a lot of questions to answer.

Each rookie has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. To become a good NFL player each of these guys will have to continue to improve those weaknesses. Here are the questions that each of the Bucs draft picks will have to answer.

Logan Hall

The Bucs top pick is a guy who is oozing with potential. Hall has the athletic tools to be an impact player in this league down the line. However, he still has a lot to learn.

How much will Hall be able to develop this year before he takes on a bigger load in the future? With guys like William Gholston and Akiem Hicks, there’s a lot he can take away from the veterans in the room. Being able to apply that knowledge down the stretch and in years to come is what really matters.

If he can do that then he truly could be the missing piece to another Super Bowl win.

Luke Goedeke 

The glass eating guard out of Central Michigan has a lot to prove this camp. Not only because he is moving to guard after playing tackle in college, but also because he has a legitimate chance to earn a starting job. 

How fast can Goedeke adjust to his new role? Obviously he will need to prove himself quickly if he wants to be the starter come week one. However, there’s always the chance this second round pick doesn’t win the job initially out of camp.

Aaron Stinnie has established himself with the team after winning the Super Bowl as the starting guard. If Goedeke does win the job it will be because he earned it.

Rachaad White

White was brought in to be that pass catching threat out of the backfield that the Bucs have been looking for. However, many believe, including White himself, that he’s much more than that. In fact, he’s gone on record and said that he wants to be the starter.

The question is, does White bring the physicality needed to shoulder a big workload? We know he has a good frame, but he needs to show the toughness at the NFL level.. Even as a pass blocker, where projects to be good, he needs to show the grit of a true workhorse NFL running back. 

Guys with the label of pass catcher often lack this physicality. Unfortunately, his opportunities to answer this question will be limited in camp. We might have to wait for pre-season games to really get a feel for this.

Cade Otton

Otton was drafted as a bit of a jack of all trades, or rather a Cade of all trades in this case. He can catch, run routes and block fairly well. However, he hasn’t shown to be great at any specific thing.

Can Otton earn playing time in year one? With tight end being a notoriously slow transition to the NFL, will he be able to keep up with everything? He is at best the third string tight end now, but that will change if he doesn’t bring initial value as a rookie.

Jake Camarda

The Bucs chose to go with the rookie punter out of Georgia over their established veteran. Now he must come in and hit the ground running in punts and kickoffs. The transition has to be fast here.

Can Camarda handle this pressure? We’ve seen specialists come into Tampa Bay and fall apart mentally. With expectations of a Super Bowl this year the team can’t wait on a struggling young punter to try to acclimate to the league.

Zyon McCollum

Frankly, there aren’t many expectations for McCollum this season. He’s a developmental prospect from a lower division school who was drafted in the fifth round. If he contributes anything this year it will likely be on special teams.

Can McCollum prove that he belongs? He tested like an incredible athlete. Now he will compete against the best athletes in the world on a regular basis. Showing he belongs in camp will give a lot of optimism about him eventually developing into a full time starter.

Ko Kieft 

Basically everything I said about Otton applies to Kieft. Tight ends typically struggle adjusting to the NFL right away and he needs to earn his place quickly. Even with a great skill that he brings to the table in his blocking, nothing is guaranteed.

Will Kieft make the team? He has to come in right away and show that he can block at this level like he did in college. He’ll also have to prove he has special teams value. This early fan favorite has to earn his place on this roster.

Andre Anthony

When you go to a big time program like LSU it’s hard to fly under the radar. Especially playing a premium position such as pass rusher. So when a guy like Anthony falls to the seventh round then it’s usually for a reason.

Is there NFL talent here? Any type of flash from Anthony will stand out as a long shot to make the team. At this point that seems unlikely, but there is always room for more pass rushers in this league.

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