Carter’s Corner: 5 Things I Would Have Rather Done Than Watch the God-Awful Bucs Game Sunday Afternoon


Looking for unsolicited sarcastic opinion pieces that are hypocritical in nature due to the writer’s constant criticism of a league that he still covers and enjoys? Welcome to Carter’s Corner!

The Bucs played like absolute dog shit this Sunday afternoon against the Steelers. Tom Brady looked uninterested and unmotivated following his attendance of his former boss’ wedding Friday, which led to his missing Saturday’s walkthrough. He lit into his offensive line despite his own performance being about as awful as one can play the quarterback position against the Steelers’ practice squad secondary. He got outplayed by not only Kenny Pickett but Mitch Trubisky too.

So after all of that, here are five things I would have rather spent my time doing Sunday afternoon than watching the Bucs get dog walked by the Steelers.

1. Watch Mike Glennon highlights

Mike Glennon finally has run out of chances, after coming so close to greatness over his 9-year career that began here in Tampa. Then again, Tom Brady looked an awful lot like Mike Glennon in the red zone.

2. Listen to a Christian rock station on repeat for 12 hours

I mean no disrespect to anyone who does enjoy Christian rock, but it’s really not my cup of tea. But hey, maybe the Bucs could use a little religion after God seemed to stop doing them so many favors this Sunday.

3. Binge-watch 8 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy

Ok, so I’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy, but having seen clips and having heard other people’s opinions on it, it seems like an awful show that is of no interest to myself. But, I still would have rather gone through that than had to have watched Tom Brady look like a 78-year-old man out there.

4. Sit through a Michael Bay movie

The original Transformers movie was kind of cool, but it seems like Bay has been producing the same explosion-filled movies for the past decade. Kind of like the Bucs seem to be running the same offensive script over and over again every week.

5. Watch a round of high school golf

Honestly, watching a round of high school golf actually sounds like a blast after watching this game.

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