Mid-Round Receivers for the Buccaneers to Target


.Another round of what could be some gems for the Buccaneers in the later rounds at the receiver position. Every team is constantly looking for depth in the draft. Especially at the wide receiver position. The middle of the draft is the perfect place to find that at a value. With there being no elite receiving prospects, more focus has been put on these middle of the draft guys. 

Parker Washington 

Height: 5’10
Weight: 212 lbs
Stats: 3 seasons, 146 catches, 1,920 yards, 12 TD’s

Parker Washington became one of my favorite players in the whole draft after watching him play. Stats wise, he has never surpassed 1,000 yards in his career and that will be a red flag for many people, but I think you can look at that too harshly. 

Washington is built like a running back and plays like one, too. When he gets the ball, he is creative and will often get a good number of yards after the catch. This ability paired with his elite ability to grab balls over the middle and turn into a runner the minute he possesses it truly complements his game. There are so many examples on film when he goes from a receiver to a runner in the blink of an eye, making the first defender miss. 

Those traits might not even be his best. Washington might have the best hands in this class and is automatic in the short game, especially when contested. These traits make Washington a safe prospect, and I believe he will be a highly effective slot receiver on day one. 

He’s Not perfect, though, his size will most likely hold him back from becoming a true outside receiver in the NFL and his lack of top-end speed also won’t bode well on the outside. Even with these problems, Parker Washington is one of my favorite players in this year’s draft, and I think he is worth a 2nd round pick. 

Projection: 2nd-3rd round 

Nathaniel “Tank” Dell 

Height: 5’8
Weight: 165 lbs
Stats: 3 seasons, 228 catches, 3,155 yards, 32 TD’s

Nathaniel Dell is one of the most intriguing prospects in this season’s NFL draft. A true unicorn with one downfall. Dell has elite speed and agility that will make offensive coordinators dream of the special ways he can be used. Beyond being a good gadget player, he has also shown the ability to use his athleticism to get open, especially at the beginning of routes. He will still need to work on his overall route running. 

As a pure receiver, Tank will often find the soft spot inside of zones and will never give up on a play, making him an option for his QB at all times. He has a good release package and press won’t keep him from playing on the outside.

Although he has all of these traits and might be one of the most talented players in the whole draft, he also has a build that rarely succeeds in the NFL and regularly are drafted far too early. Unlike Parker Washington, Tank Dells size isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s a red flag and something that will severely hinder his draft stock. Questions arise around his contested catch ability and his physicality at the next level. Passes that might be perfect for taller receivers are all of a sudden overthrows for him. This is his biggest weakness, but I think he will overcome it and have a successful NFL career. 

Projection: 2nd-3rd Round 

Andrei Iosivas

Height: 6’3
Weight: 200 lbs
Stats: 3 seasons, 125 catches, 1,909 yards, 16 TD’s

If you want something unique, this is it. Andrei Iosivas is a 6’3 track star who has burst onto the scene with his performances at the senior bowl. Coming out of Princeton meant that the senior bowl would be critical in proving he belonged in the NFL, he didn’t just prove himself, he showed that he could be the steel of the draft. I’m going to be frank with saying I wasn’t able to find alot of film on him, and most of my opinion is based off the recent senior bowl. 

The first big positive isn’t on the field, it’s the fact that he is coming out of an Ivy League school. I believe that smart players can see their flaws and aren’t blinded by thinking they are the best. The next thing is that he is a natural athlete, he was an all american track star at Princeton and has unteachable speed. On top of that speed, he has a build that is perfect for a modern receiver.  When watching senior bowl practices, I fell in love with his release package and doesn’t struggle to track the ball, something I thought he would struggle with against higher competition. He was able to separate early in the route and the ability to make contested catches. 

The negatives for a prospect like this is the obvious level of competition he played in college and questions about his physicality. He’s the type of player that I always fall in love with, but never seems to work out. I think of guys like Dareke Young and Tanner Connor last year who both have potential, but to expect them to go from a small school to the NFL was too much. 

Projection: 4th Round

Final Thoughts 

This receiver class is loaded with unique talent, although it may not be top-heavy, there are so many guys that can fit a particular role and will be available late in the draft. 

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