Super Bowl LVIII 2024: Could the Cleveland Browns be a contender?


The Cleveland Browns have been one of the most exciting teams to watch for many years now, but their success had been limited until recently. Now, with the right pieces in place and a motivated coaching staff, it looks like the Browns could finally break through and experience the road to a Super Bowl.

The road to the Super Bowl is a long and difficult one, and to reach it is often the epitome of football success. However, not all teams have reached or will reach that point. One team, that similarly to the Buccaneers are on the track to a future Super Bowl championship, is the Cleveland Browns. The Browns have never been in a Super Bowl, whereas the Bucs, as is known, has competed – and won – several times. 

Close but no cigar for the Browns

The Cleveland Browns are based out of Cleveland, Ohio and has been playing since 1946. They play their home games at First Energy Stadium and have won 13 division titles as well as nine pre-Super Bowl NFL Championships. Despite this success, they have never won a Super Bowl title. 

The Browns have had an up-and-down history since their inception, with several periods of success and failure throughout the years. The team has often been referred to as the “Kardiac Kids” due to their habit of finishing games very close in score, either winning or losing by a small margin. In their most recent years, the Browns have been characterized as a team on the rise, with a new head coach since 2019 in Kevin Stefanski.

The Browns have been close to reaching the Super Bowl twice in their history. The first time was in 1986 when they lost to Denver in the AFC Championship Game, and then again in 2007 when they lost to Pittsburgh in the same game. Ever since then, the team has been searching for its first Super Bowl appearance.

Browns vs Buccaneers history

Despite the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Cleveland Browns being part of different conferences, the two teams have geared up against each other many times. They still meet once every four years in the regular season, and have played 11 games against each other. The Browns have won 7 of these, although the first five wins took place before the 2000s. It wasn’t until 2002, during the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl-winning season, that they finally defeated the Browns for the first time in franchise history. They won that game 17-3.

Since then, the two teams have played each other five more times, with the Browns winning three of those games and the Buccaneers winning two. They last played in November of 2022, when Browns emerged victorious with a 23-17 score. As for their chances at a Super Bowl spot in 2024, both teams have the odds against them. According to experts from CBS, the Browns are at a +4500 bet and the Bucs at +5000. For a similar prediction at Fox the odds are +4500 and +3500 respectively. 

Current status of the Browns’ team

As for the Cleveland team’s current status, they are undergoing managerial change in order to gain the best possible momentum for the coming seasons. In 2020, the team recruited defensive coach Joe Woods as their defensive coach. During his first season, he helped the team advance to post-season for the first time since 2002 and win their first off-season game in 26 years. However, the initial success was followed by two consecutive losing seasons, resulting in Woods being fired in January 2023. 

The team didn’t have to train aimlessly for long: Woods was soon replaced by returning defensive coach Jim Schwartz, who began his career as a personnel scout in 1993. Since then, he’s held several positions as defensive coach for various teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles when they became the Super Bowl champs in 2017. Many expectant eyes are turned on him to see whether he can revive and improve on the 2020 successes in order to bring the Browns to new heights. 

Another managerial development for the Browns is the departure of offensive coordinator Drew Petzing, leaving yet another opening at the head of the team. The opportunity for two new coaches, one defensive and one offensive, can lead to the perfect motivation and fresh blood that the Browns needs in order to push up that hill they’ve built over the last few years. It is not yet clear who will be chosen for the position at the time of writing.


The Super Bowl is a major global event, with millions tuning in every year to witness history being made. It is a symbol of excellence and achievement, not just in the world of sports, but in other areas as well. It brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate what it means to be a champion—and that’s why the Super Bowl is such a big deal. So, it’s no wonder that teams such as the Cleveland Browns and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dream of entering that pitch.

With a young and talented roster, led by head coach Kevin Stefanski and DC Jim Schwartz, the Cleveland team is looking more and more like a potential Super Bowl contender. The Browns have made significant changes to their defense and will look to continue building on the momentum they gained in 2020, which a new defensive coordinator can hopefully nurture and develop. With an abundance of talent, passionate fans, and a newfound sense of optimism surrounding the team, the Browns have the potential to make some serious noise in the NFL this season and beyond.

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