Arians on Buccaneers QB Mayfield, “Great Competitor, Extremely Accurate”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently signed quarterback Baker Mayfield to a one-year deal. Mayfield will apparently compete with Kyle Trask for the starting position.

The question many Buccaneers’ fans had was why Mayfield? What does the front office see in him?

The answer from one Buc higher-up comes courtesy of’s Ira Kaufman. He recently spoke with former Buccaneers’ head coach and “Senior Adviser to the General Manager” Bruce Arians.

“Great competitor, extremely accurate.” Arians stated. “I loved his competitive spirit. I loved everything about him.”

Arians on Mayfield’s demeanor,

“He’s not a punk. He’s cocky, but at that size you better be.”

It’s widely known that Arians was a huge fan of Baker Mayfield coming out of college. But what about Kyle Trask? Has Mayfield already locked up the starting spot?

“Kyle is not going to give in. Not a chance. It’s a great situation for the franchise,” Arians stated.

The Buccaneers plan on having an open competition between Trask and Mayfield can only benefit both players. Competition is always good right? Stay tuned.

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