Buccaneers’ Canales Likes Mayfield’s Swag


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers head into offseason workouts with what appears to be a quarterback competition. They’ll tell you there’s one, the media will report that they say there’s one, but is there really a legitimate competition? Listening to offensive coordinator Dave Canales it sounds like Baker Mayfield has a distinct advantage over Kyle Trask.

“I just like his presence.” Canales stated. “He just has such a great swag. You know, he steps into the huddle, he belongs. He comes right in here, he’ll light up the room. You know, he’s a good dude and he just knows how to connect with people. That’s what I’ve been most excited [about]. And then, of course, the game is never too big for him. The bullets start flying and he stays cool. So I love that about him.”

Canales spoke to Mayfield’s mindset and drive in the face of adversity.

“He’s been told ‘no’ enough times where I can feel the hunger that he has for wanting to re-establish himself as a starter and to really have the type of career he envisioned, that the Browns envisioned for him, taking him No. 1 overall.”

Canales continued.

“But there is something in him right now where there’s like this release where he’s like, ‘I know what I gotta do today, that’s good enough.’ And so I can feel that from him. It’s not an anger or any type of resentment for what happened. It’s more like, ‘Look at this cool opportunity.'”

While Canales did come right out and say it, it’s obvious that as of now, Mayfield seems to be the guy.

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