Buccaneers’ Canales Not Against Bringing In A Fourth QB


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have three quarterbacks under contract as the head into offseason workouts. With the retirement of Tom Brady, the starting position is up for grabs. The candidates are at this point Baker Mayfield, Kyle Trask and John Wolford. Let’s be honest, baring an injury this is really a two man battle between Mayfield and Trask.

Mayfield is a seasoned veteran with playoff experience under his belt. Trask is the third-year QB with very little professional experience. The table is set, the quarterback room is lo ked in, right?

As we reported earlier, it appears Mayfield is the leader as of now. This leaves Trask and Wolford as the backups.

Last season the Buccaneers carried three quarterbacks on the active roster and one on the practice squad. Could the team decide to bring in another quarterback to fill that fourth spot?

Offensive coordinator Dave Canales seems content with three QBs moving forward, but wouldn’t rule out the idea of a fourth.

“I’m good with three. We’ve done three, we’ve done four. It just all depended on if there was a rookie or some type of developmental prospect from the quarterback position that we were excited about,” Canales stated. “That’s when you potentially carry four. But if you carry four into the season, a lot of times the fourth guy is not going to get very many reps.”

Canales basically hedged his bet with that response. There are some decent free agent quarterbacks still available. That list includes, Carson Wentz, Teddy Bridgewater, Matt Ryan, and Nick Foles. Not sure we’d see any of them interested in a 3rd or 4th string position.

The Bucs would do better looking at a project quarterback for that fourth spot. A younger, greener quarterback with an upside. An undrafted free agent, or someone who becomes available during the offseason like a Malik Willis. The options are there if the Buccaneers decide to go four-wide in the quarterback room.

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