Bowles On Bucs’ QB Situation,”Yes It’s A Competition”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a legitimate quarterback competition between Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask. That’s what they’ve said, that’s what’s being reported.

Shortly after the Bucs signed quarterback Baker Mayfield many in the NFL universe pegged Mayfield as the starter.

Buccaneers’ head coach Todd Bowles was recently on The Rich Eisen Show where he talked about the perception of Mayfield being the eventual starter.

“Obviously, the practice is important, the communication with the guys, leadership in the huddle, accuracy, you gotta make plays, of course, in this league to win ball games. And who commands the huddle and who the team runs behind more that gives you the best chance to win. And that’ll be sorted out over time.”

Bowles continued

“Yes, it is a competition. We don’t have a starter right now.” Bowles stated. “We know Baker has played in games and Trask has not, but we’ve watched Trask over the years and we like some of the things he does, and we’re going to give him the chance to play and compete and see who comes out. We told Baker this coming in. It’s not anything new that he doesn’t know. [Mayfield’s] up for the challenge.”

Now it’s fair to suggest the Buccaneers prefer Mayfield over Trask regardless of Bowles’ coach speak. Let’s start back when Bowles was the head coach of the New York Jets. That year, 2018, the Jets were definitely taking a quarterback in the draft. As reported by Fox News and Armando Salguero of Outkick, Bowles preferred Mayfield over Sam Darnold. Mayfield ended up going to Cleveland and Bowles and the Jets selected Darnold.

Senior Advisor for the Buccaneers Bruce Arians as well as new offensive coordinator Dave Canales haven’t hidden their love for Mayfield. Using words like “swag” and “moxie” as they talked about Mayfield. So while the organization tows the open competition line, it’s fair to say at the least Mayfield may be a personal favorite of some Buccaneers’ brass.

With all of that said, we have to go with official team statements, even if it doesn’t add up to these individual’s comments.

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