Buccaneers’ Wirfs Is On Board For An Additional Bye Week


Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ offensive lineman Tristan Wirfs isn’t a fan of one bye week with a 17 game schedule.

Two years ago the NFL switched from 16 game seasons to 17 games. Since then several players and coaches have complained and think the league needs to add an additional bye week. Buccaneers’ Wirfs is on board with this purposal.

Wirfs recently joined the guys on the Vikes Verified podcast when the topic of bye weeks came up.

“Yes it does. We need an extra bye week.”

Wirfs is correct, the NFL is doing their players a disservice here. On one hand they stand at the podium and preach player safety. Then the add more games, more flexed games and are now looking at multiple Thursday night games. The odd part is, it only makes sense to add an extra bye week. Doing so would only lengthen the NFL season which would in turn increase the NFL’s stranglehold on ratings for another week. That inevitably increases NFL revenue, which is what the NFL is really all about.

You can watch Wirfs on the Vikes Verified podcast below.

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