Buccaneers’ Evans, “I’ll Take Myself Over Anybody”


The debate about which wide receiver is the best in the NFL is one of the most contested arguments going. Buccaneers’ wide receiver Mike Evans says he knows the answer, it’s him.

Evans recently spoke to ESPN about this, he did not mince his words.

“I know where I’m at. My opinion matters more than anybody else because I watch all of these guys, and there are a lot of f—ing great players. But I’ll take myself over anybody. If people were in my situation, there’s only 5-10 guys in history who have done what I’ve done. It’s been a battle, but I enjoy it.”

Evans isn’t wrong here, he is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated receivers in the league. No players in NFL history has started their career with nine straight 1,000 yard seasons. Not a single one. I know what some doubters will say, “well, he had Tom Brady”, yes, for three of the nine seasons. Evans also had Jameis Winston and Josh McCown, but oddly they’re never brought up.

While stats are great, Evans also views himself as a leader, one that can lead this team to the playoffs THIS season.

“Rebuilding? We are just trying to win right now,” Evans stated. “I don’t know why people don’t see that. Win the division, after that people can take care of themselves.”

The Buccaneers head towards their preseason opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers with a question still to be decided at the quarterback position. Rest assured that if it’s Baker Mayfield or Kyle Trask behind center, Evans will do what he always does. And that’s something nobody else has.

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