Captain’s Table/Walk the Plank: Buccaneers vs Titans


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Tennessee Titans 20-6 to snap a four-game losing streak. That can only mean it’s time for “Captain’s Table/Walk the Plank”.

Captain’s Table:

Getting to watch Bill Belichick’s downfall live

Oh man, I cannot describe in words what getting to watch Bill Belichick fail to beat the “ass without Brady/refs/cheating” means to me. I’ll try anyways; Boston sports are full of obnoxious fans, but Patriots fans seem to come and go, because the franchise has historically been horrid without Brady. That tradition seems destined to continue, and plenty of northerners and other fair weather fans throughout the country will have to find a new team to support. 

The defensive rookies

YaYa, Kancey, Izien, they all had such wonderful games Sunday afternoon, especially coming up clutch in the red zone. Super encouraging to see from the young guys. 

Whoever put dish soap on the football

Whether it was Mike Evans dropping that easy TD or the Buccaneers missing about 1000 interceptions, the ball was clearly tampered with by someone with the Titans. 

Mike Evans on really tough catches

Yeah, yeah, we’ll get to the Mike Evans drops later, but his production was fantastic Sunday and he made some really impressive catches. Argue with a tree. 

Walk the Plank:

Mike Evans on routine catches

Yeah, that TD was really easy and any professional WR needs to make that catch. I’m not going to make excuses or say it was just a one-time thing. Evans seems to be in his own head with easy catches. 

The veteran’s day attire

Good gracious we could see every coaching staff’s sweat stains from a mile away. I’m all for celebrating the troops but couldn’t we get some better colors for this Florida heat?

QB hit calls

The NFL isn’t concerned with player safety, they just want to give offenses more of an advantage. If they were really concerned with player safety and wanted defenders to stop tackling QBs, they need to institute that a rule that says once the QB crosses the LOS, if a defender comes within a yard of them, the QB is down by contact. Otherwise we’ll keep seeing stupid calls that no one likes. 

Will Levis

Yuck. That last interception was so brutal. Not good. AWJ has had a wonderful season for many reasons, but him hauling in that punt-return-like pick is not one of them. Levis looked bad all day. 

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