The Buccaneers Actually Have A Chance To Make The Playoffs


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally ended their four-game losing streak Sunday afternoon, dominating the Tennessee Titans in the second half by out-scoring the Titans 13-3 en route to a 20-6 victory.

The offense was its usual average self, with quarterback Baker Mayfield looking good enough to lead the Bucs to victory and the running game continuing to struggle. The defense was absolutely outstanding, coming up with big-time stops in goal-to-go situations and giving Titans rookie QB Will Levis absolutely no room to do anything other than take sacks.

Titans running back Derrick Henry was unable to overcome a poor performance from the Titans offensive line and was greatly limited by the Bucs defense, failing to crack the 30-yard mark (for those Rachaad White haters, our guy came away from the game with 97 yards from scrimmage and a TD).

People rightfully harped on Mike Evans dropping a routine TD pass in a key situation in the second half, but the veteran had an outstanding game otherwise, working hard to get open on his way to a six-reception, 143-yard,  one touchdown performance.

Around the NFC South, the Saints fell to the Joshua Dobbs-led Vikings 27-19 and the Falcons lost to the Cardinals on a game-winning field goal. The Panthers (not that it really matters) lost to the Bears Thursday night as well, extending their league-worst 1-8 record.

Since every other team in the division lost this week, the Buccaneers are still, despite their recent mighty struggles, right in the thick of things in this division. Why couldn’t the Bucs manage to limp their way to the playoffs in the weakest division in football?

And while this team certainly looked more lively than they have in over a month, its remaining schedule is no picnic; San Francisco is Tampa Bay’s next stop, and the 49ers dominated the Jacksonville Jaguars in Duval County Sunday afternoon with a 30-point victory.

San Fran goes into the Week 11 matchup with the Bucs 6-3 and finally looking like the 49ers that started the season 5-0.

But that’s something to worry about next week; for now, fire those cannons, the Buccaneers finally won a game for the first time in what feels like a century.

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This article originally appeared on CLTAMPA.COM and is used with permission.

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