Buccaneers’ Winfield Jr Nominated for Man of the Year Award


Also, give him Defensive Player of the Year.

Buccaneers defensive back Antoine Winfield Jr has been almost the whole of the secondary this year. However, the Buc’s secondary is not the charity that led to Winfield Jr being nominated for the one of the league’s highest honor. That would be his work with foster children and other charities that help children in need.

Since 2020, he has worked with Heart Gallery of Tampa and A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay. If you aren’t aware of what they do, Heart Gallery describes themselves as, “The journey of foster children in the U.S. has often been a hidden one. Countless children were lost in the system, eventually turning 18 and facing the world alone. However, in 2001, a visionary photographer and a dedicated adoption worker sparked a revolution. They conceived a platform where these waiting children could be introduced to their communities through the medium of photography, in hopes of connecting them with loving adoptive families. This became The Heart Gallery, a beacon of hope giving a voice to the often forgotten.” A kid’s Place of Tampa similarly provides help for foster children in need. Winfield Jr has also involved himself with other community programs.

It just goes to show how good a person can be on and off the field. Winfield Jr is helping a group that has often seen neglect in foster children. It is nice to see someone as nice as him being rewarded for their contributions. We won’t know if he’ll win until SB week. Despite him balling out on the field, it’s surprising that he is a better person off it.

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Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett
Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett

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