Buccaneers’ GM Expertly Trolls Saints’ Cam Jordan


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers clinched the NFC South for the third straight year after beating the Carolina Panthers 9-0. But that isn’t the only good news the Pewter Pirates received Sunday.

The New Orleans Saints were officially eliminated from the playoffs. Why other than Saints fans misery is this relevant here? Look no further than loud-mouth underachieving Saints defensive ghost Cam Jordan.

Jordan in all of his wisdom decided this past offseason to talk smack towards the Buccaneers. Camille Jordan was asked about the state of the NFC South following Tom Brady’s departure. Jordan answered saying, “Tampa Bay will probably go back to where Tampa Bay has been.”

Fast-forward to Sunday following the Buccaneers clinching the division, general manager Jason Licht pulled the receipt on Twitter by retweeting the Jordan tweet, “Yep, went back to being the Bucs! Champs again.”

The Bucs will play the Philadelphia Eagles Monday night at 8pm while Jordan will be hawking Little Ceasers Pizza. 2024 is starting off perfectly.

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