How to Respond to Trash-Talking Saints Fans


Unfortunately, Saints fans will have plenty of time to trash talk since they’re on the couch.

The Buccaneers won the NFC South and there has been a lot of sh¡t talk from the other NFC South teams. Well, it’s just Saints’ fans exhibiting the grace that their fanbase has been generally known for. Which is to say, none at all. Being the sore losers that they are, they’ve spent all day Sunday and Monday saying the Bucs suck. It doesn’t make sense that the Saints fans were mad about the Bucs winning considering they didn’t really seem like THEY wanted to win.

Of course, I am not a loser and wanted to watch my team win football games, not worry about draft position.

Somehow Tampa Bay’s head coach is better than the expected. No I didn’t expect to write that. However, that chatter has gotten real annoying and I wanted to compile a helpful guide to own them.

Perhaps the best example I can give comes right from the top. Jason Licht came down from the top rope to lay Cameron Jordan out in the ring. It was honestly beautiful. If you recall, Jordan ran his mouth as he always does last offseason and said “The Bucs will go back to being the Bucs”. He is attempting to imply the Bucs of the 26 game losing streak were returning. However, words can be funny sometimes. Because that clip has resurfaced since we all bookmarked it, including Licht, who had this to say,

Just an all-time troll job. It’s one thing if a random fan would’ve done this, but the fact that Licht seemed to have this out less than an hour after the game is fantastic. He knew exactly what he was doing and I respect it.

If any team’s GM did this to any player or team, I’d assume the fans on the receiving end would enter a cave never to see the light of day until next season. Of course, Saints fans have gotten used to living in that cave, so they’re still chirping from second place. Their gotcha insult is basically enjoy a first round exit.

Now, there are several responses to take when you encounter this silly take. You can remark on the fact the Saints would be lucky to be blown out in the wildcard. Mention that the Eagles look pretty bad and the Bucs have a legit chance of winning. Also remind them of how many rings they have with a supposed HOF QB.

Trash talk comes with the game and I do appreciate it at times, especially if it is deserved. If the Saints won the division, the Bucs would have been absolutely clowned on, and rightfully so. It would’ve meant losing to the worst team in the NFL for a playoff spot. It would’ve been a repeat of the 2021 Colts. But it’s really getting to the point where some fans need to look at where they are and shut their mouths. Y’all haven’t done anything in the playoffs for years. When you even make it to the dance, then you can talk to me. Until then, enjoy the couch.

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