Panthers to Interview Bucs Assistant GM Mike Greenberg and OC Dave Canales


The news never sleeps and neither will I, no matter how much my body cries for it. The Panthers are a bad football team that is attempting to drag the Buccaneers down with them. They are doing so not by beating us on the football field, because they can’t, but by stealing some of the Buccaneers best personnel. Assistant GM Mike Greenberg for their GM position and OC Dave Canales as head coach are their targets.

Greenberg is probably best known for orchestrating some of the greatest deals in recent memory. He managed to get Jamel Dean for cheap (although that looks worse in retrospect thanks to substandard play) and Baker Mayfield for $4 million. We can also thank him for bringing back every single free agent after the SB run, a masterpiece in cap wrangling.

But, he has been with the Buccaneers for 14 seasons before becoming assistant GM. In short, he is a guy who knows talent when he sees it. It has been believed by many that he would be the heir apparent to Jason Licht. But, if the Panthers have their way, his promotion will arrive earlier.

And now we get to the really interesting one. Dave Canales has had one year as OC, and teams already want to hire him as head coach. Ok, that is a bit of a generalization. He has had 14 years with Seattle where he was QB and WR coach. It can be argued his greatest accomplishments are getting the best year out of Geno Smith (who looked worse without him) and also Baker Mayfield setting career highs in yards and TDs. He has definitely struggled with the offense at times, mostly play-sequencing, but there is a reason beyond the numbers he is wanted.

People like Canales. There is a reason the media was so excited about him. Especially compared to Leftwich who treated fans and media like they were gum stuck to his shoe. It seems rather obvious that players like and he has a very infectious energy. While I would still argue that he is still a little raw to become a HC, I get the appeal.

As much as it would suck to lose these guys, it is the mark of having good talent on your team. If a division rival wants to see your guys, that means they at least think they are good guys. the Panthers would of course have a better idea of how good the team is and by extension Greenberg and Canales are because they played them twice. If the Panthers still want Canales after he only managed 9 points, that means they believe in him.

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Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett

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