Captain’s Table/Walk the Plank: Buccaneers vs Lions


Hey, the Buccaneers had a great season. This was truly a fun team to watch, and it came to a tough end, but there’s still reason to be optimistic moving forward. 

Let’s do one last “Captain’s Table and Walk the Plank” for the 2023-2024 season.

Walk the Plank

The Officials

It’s so easy to hate on officials, I almost hate doing it. But from the no DPI call on the 2 point conversion, to the weird fumbled situation during the attempt at trying to figure out what to do inside 2 minutes with a call that was reversed, to the many other missed calls that I’m sure you could point out throughout the game for both sides, it was just a poor showing for this officiating crew. 

The Buccaneers’ Coaching Staff

They did their best, but their best wasn’t good enough. Not getting Trey Palmer involved enough, not taking advantage of the Mike Evans mismatch on the outside, and not giving Zyon McCollum any type of support when Jamel Dean went down. They also were so damn complacent with 4th down decisions. Just confounding why they continue to be so conservative with their decision making. 

The Defense

Just across the board. They gave Jared Goff so much time to throw. The secondary was brutal. They couldn’t really stop the run. Anything Detroit wanted, they got. 

Carlton Davis

What the hell was he doing? I hate stupid penalties, and it doesn’t get any more dumb than the hands to the face call he racked up in the 4th quarter. 

Captain’s Table

Going For 2

It didn’t end up making a difference because the defense was inexcusably bad, but going for 2, regardless of the result, was the right call. Good for Todd Bowles

Lavonte David

I’m sure the veteran wasn’t perfect, but he made a bunch of high-energy, high-effort plays that contributed to the Bucs at least getting several chances to win this game. In what might’ve been his last game as a Buc, Lavonte David gave it all, and you can’t ask for anything more. 

Rachaad White

The running back had a rough start to the year, but my goodness he did some great things Sunday afternoon for the Buccaneers, both on the ground and in the air. He’s been my favorite player to watch this year, and that was no different Sunday afternoon. 

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