Who Could Join The Buccaneers With New OC Liam Coen


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have reportedly hired their new offensive coordinator. It is University of Kentucky offensive coordinator Liam Coen. This will be the second stint as offensive coordinator in the NFL after holding that position with the Los Angeles Rams in 2022. 

This is the major domino that Bucs fans have been waiting for. Now with an offensive coordinator in place, we can start to look toward the future. This includes both what type of players he will look to bring in as well as what type of offensive staff he will build.

Of course time will tell the answers to both of these questions, but it does give us some expectation of who could be coming to town. Here are some of the names that could follow Coen to Tampa Bay over the next few months.

Zach Yenser – Offensive Line Coach

Yenser, much like Coen, is someone with both college and NFL experience. He is currently in his second year as the University of Kentucky’s offensive line coach. Before that he worked with the San Francisco 49ers from 2019-2022 as an assistant offensive line coach. 

It’s hard to know the extent of how valuable his time with the 49ers was, but if there was one team you want to be associated with in terms of developing a running game, they’re the one. In his three years there, the 49ers ranked top 10 in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns twice, including his first year where the team was ranked first in rushing touchdowns and second in rushing yards.

What’s most impressive about this is the way those 49ers teams have just found running backs. It has felt like they’ve found a new 1,000 yard rusher every year and just plugged in guys that no one else wanted. This is a direct reflection of their system (which isn’t that different than what the Bucs run) as well as offensive line play.

Having worked at several major colleges along the way, I believe that Yenser will bring with him the ability to teach and communicate what he has learned. The college level is so much about development, these are skills that are a prerequisite to success and Yenser has been successful everywhere he’s been. 

Ray Davis – Running Back

The Buccaneers are looking to improve their running game and their red zone offense. It just so happens that Kentucky has a running back coming out who is an absolute load to take down and makes his living scoring touchdowns. That is Ray Davis who played under Coen in their one shared season at Kentucky. 

In their one year together, Davis scored more touchdowns (21) than in his previous four seasons combined (20). He also set a career high in rushing yards (1,129) and yards per carry (5.7) last season under Coen. It’s clear that Davis was able to have his talents maximized under Coen’s leadership. 

I believe that this will make Davis a high priority target for the Bucs in the upcoming draft. He fits a direct need and is just coming off an impressive week at the Senior Bowl. I expect Davis to be a day two target for the Buccaneers, potentially in the third round. 

Zak Kromer – Offensive Line Coach / Running Game Coordinator

Kromer has been with the Los Angeles Rams for the last seven years. He has worked their as an offensive assistant and the assistant offensive line coach. He’s also worked closely with their tight ends.

He has as much experience working in the Sean McVay offense as anyone you are going to find out there. This could make him the perfect fit to work with Coen as someone has a shared history with the Rams. 

Whereas Coen has his background in quarterback play, Kromer’s background is with the line of scrimmage. This could make him the perfect man to specialize in developing the running game. With these two sharing a background in terms of offensive system, they should both be on the same page and both be allowed to focus on what they do best.

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