BR’s 2024 Buccaneers 3-Round Mock Draft 2.0


It’s that time of year again Buccaneers fans! The NFL offseason, or silly-season as some would call it is here. That can only mean it’s time for some mock drafts.

Obviously we are very early in the process here with the Super Bowl yet to be played and not knowing who is or isn’t leaving via free agency. So we’ll fire up the crystal ball and say the Buccaneers re-sign, Baker Mayfield, Mike Evans, Antoine Winfield Jr, Lavonte David, and Tristan Wirfs. That would mean Devin White leaves via free agency. So without further ado…

Round-1, Pick 26

Jared Verse, EDGE, FSU

HT: 6’4
WT: 260 lbs


2× first-team All-American (2022, 2023)

2× first-team All-ACC (2022, 2023)

CAA Defensive Rookie of the Year (2020)

First-team All-CAA (2021)

•Second-team All-CAA (2020)



Verse brings a seasoned pass-rush plan to the table, executing a myriad of initial and counter moves with polished technique and shrewd decision-making.

The explosive first step is a cornerstone of his game, dictating pass-rush scenarios by imposing his will and disrupting offensive linemen’s rhythm off the snap.

Elite athletic skills — Made Bruce Feldman’s 2023 ‘Freaks List’ at number 26. He wrote: “another year at FSU has enabled him to continue to develop, both physically and in his on-field skill set. At 6-3 1/2, 260 pounds, Verse power-cleans 360 pounds, squats 555 and benches 455, but he also has excellent burst, running 21.14 MPH in a game with a max acceleration of 5.85m/s with a max deceleration of -6.98m/s.”

Exceptional bend and flexibility allow Verse to exploit the edge, dipping under offensive tackles and maintaining a tight, efficient path to the quarterback.

Natural athletic gifts are evident in his lateral agility, enabling effective redirection and counter moves that continue to confound protective schemes.

His functional strength shouldn’t be understated – Verse consistently delivers powerful punches and showcases the ability to hold his ground against heavier opponents.

The motor on Verse runs incessantly, reflecting a high-effort player who brings relentless energy and pursuit from snap to whistle on every down.

Hand usage is a notable strength, displaying rapid and potent strikes that effectively navigate through opposing linemen’s blocks to disrupt the backfield.

A hallmark of his game, the palpable explosiveness, permeates through his every move, asserting dominance in gap penetration and providing a perpetual disruptive presence.


Verse, while maintaining exterior leverage, occasionally overshoots, enabling offensive schemes to exploit created lanes, undermining the run defense’s integrity and effectiveness.

Despite a robust and physical approach to run defense, there’s a discernible lack of control in his tackling, often resulting in missed opportunities in the backfield.

While the collegiate tackle-for-loss numbers are there, skepticism arises regarding the translatability of those statistics to the NFL, demanding further refinement in his approach.

Anticipation and mental processing in run scenarios require elevation; enhancing block recognition and reactionary quickness out of his stance remains a pivotal area for development.

Verse’s effective hand usage in pass-rush scenarios demands translation into run defense, ensuring that generated power and jolt are equivalently impactful across all play types.


Verse is likely first-round pick, drawing comparisons with names like Will Anderson Jr. and Tyree Wilson. He’s a plug and play pick. Scouts are keeping a watchful eye as Verse continues his journey toward the NFL. Instant improvement for the Buccaneers pass rush.

Round-2, Pick 57

Jackson Powers-Johnson, Center, Oregon

HT: 6’3
WT: 334 lbs


Rimington Trophy (2023)

Unanimous All-American (2023)

First-team All-Pac-12 (2023)



In the run game, Powers-Johnson plays with a mean streak and does a nice job generating a push at the initial point of attack. Powers-Johnson can get outside and does a decent job landing blocks in space.

Fires out of his stance with a good pad level, consistently winning at the point of attack.

Quick out of his stance with the footwork to be effective in front of screens. Willing to get out in front of ballcarriers to take out defensive backs and linebackers.

In the run game, he explodes off the line of scrimmage and consistently gets out to the second level to do damage.

Shows a good feel for combo blocks, and he displays good quickness and flexibility when moving to the second level, capable of sealing the back side on reach blocks

Powers-Johnson does a nice job working with teammates to build the pocket, anchoring against bull rushers and displaying good awareness against stunts and twists.


Had issues against quality counter moves, struggling to readjust. That’s something he’ll see frequently against NFL technicians in the pass rush.

He’s better moving forward than Powers-Johnson is retreating as a pass protector, where he often seems to be a bit out of sync.

Doesn’t display the agility and speed to effectively get around as a pulling guard. Powers-Johnson generally struggles in space, and he will have a tough time consistently landing blocks on the second level


As a sophomore in 2022 he played in 11 games and a total of 382 snaps. He conceded just one QB hurry, one QB hit, and no sacks while playing most of his snaps at right guard.

In 2023 as a junior Powers-Johnson saw action in 13 games and totaled 829 snaps. He gave up just one QB hurry, no QB hits, and no sacks while playing at center. The Buccaneers finally draft a legitimate center.

Round-3, Pick 89

Devontez Walker, WR, UNC

HT: 6’1
WT: 197 lbs


First-team All-MAC (2022)

Third-team All-ACC (2023)



Walker is a natural playmaker, at his best with the ball in his hands.

He’s equally dangerous in catch-and-run situations as Walker is taking the top off a defense

Walker tracks the ball well downfield and consistently runs under long throws.

He’s a fluid athlete with excellent short-area quickness; he should be able to create separation, and he has the straight-line speed to threaten down the seam.

Has a tall frame and long arms, plus strong hands, giving him a huge catch radius.

Keen zone awareness and ability to exploit defensive gaps.

Agile, with effective curvilinear acceleration.

Efficient footwork on back-shoulder plays.

When used downfield, he shows the ball-tracking skills and hand-eye coordination to make the adjustment on underthrown balls and back-shoulder throws.


Shows hesitation in initial upfield burst, affecting ability to hide routes

Lacks nuanced head and eye movements at the top of routes.

Needs development in short-area quickness and agility.

Inconsistent in selling the entirety of the route tree, notably on short-to-intermediate routes.

Route tree limited primarily to vertical concepts; it will take time to develop a full NFL-level route tree.


Devontez Walker from West Charlotte High School was rated a After high school, Walker opted to join Kent State.

As a sophomore in 2022 he played 12 games and had 58 catches for 921 yards for an average of 15.9 yards per catch, with 11 TDs, and an elite QB rating when targeted of 123.2.

His transfer to North Carolina marked another step up, he played 8 games and hauled in 41 catches for 699 yards for an average of 17.0 yards per catch, with 7 TDs, and QB rating when targeted of 114. Another weapon for the Buccaneers.

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