BR’s 2024 Buccaneers 3-Round Mock Draft 5.0


It’s that time of year again Buccaneers fans! The NFL offseason, or silly-season as some would call it is here. That can only mean it’s time for some mock drafts.

Obviously we are very early in the process here with not knowing who is or isn’t leaving via free agency. So we’ll fire up the crystal ball and say the Buccaneers re-sign, Baker Mayfield, Mike Evans, Antoine Winfield Jr, Lavonte David, and Tristan Wirfs. That would mean Devin White leaves via free agency. So without further ado…

Round- 1, Pick 26

Keon Coleman, WR, FSU

HT: 6’3
WT: 214 lbs


First-team All-ACC (2023)

Third-team All-Big Ten (2022)



Prototype physicality: boasts elite size, frame density, and compact mass; prime athletic build for an NFL WR.

Outstanding acceleration combined with exceptional foot speed and lateral twitch, especially considering his build.

Superb at manipulating DB blind spots; employs efficient diamond releases and robust hand techniques to separate.

Impressive ball skills: pairs elite timing and body control with remarkable strength at the catch point.

Transcendent aerial adjustments: showcases gravity-defying contortions and consistently extends beyond his frame to secure catches.

Threat after the catch: blends explosive agility, contact balance, and physicality to elude and overpower defensive backs.
Distinguished for his proactive alpha mentality; adept at contested catches thanks to a combination of instincts and sheer hand strength.


Limited sharpness in routes: occasionally lacks the burst and crispness on angled route breaks, affecting his separation from defenders.

Inconsistent run-blocking intensity: despite his physical prowess, needs to bring more aggression and tenacity to his blocking assignments.

Acceleration concerns: might struggle with elite long speed, making it challenging to consistently outpace boundary DBs in deep ball situations.

Technique refinements needed: can improve on his footwork, hip flexibility, and contact balance for more consistent and effective playmaking.


Keon Coleman has positioned himself prominently as one of the top WRs in the 2024 NFL Draft. Standing at 6’4″ and weighing 215 pounds, he boasts a formidable physical presence on the field. His catch mechanics, characterized by an ability to naturally box out defenders and that “alpha” catch-point instinct, set him apart.

Coleman added to this current Buccaneers wide receiver corp would be huge. While he has the potential to be a WR1, the luxury of being behind Mike Evans and Chris Godwin on the depth chart as a rookie may be just what he needs.

Round- 2, Pick 57

Zach Frazier, IOL, West Virginia

HT: 6’3
WT: 314 lbs


First-team All-Big 12 (2023)

2× second-team All-Big 12 (2021, 2022)



Fires out of his stance with a good pad level, consistently winning at the point of attack.

Solid positional run blocker who flashes the nasty demeanor and killer instinct scouts covet.

Exhibits good patience in pass protection, sitting back in his set rather than leaning and lunging.

He’s a coordinated athlete who can win at the point of attack in the run game, and Frazier can also move to consistently land blocks at the second level.

Exhibits a high degree of leverage and grip strength, a byproduct of his wrestling background, which translates into effective control over defenders.

Displays exceptional intelligence and awareness in the passing game, adept at diagnosing stunts and seamlessly managing transitions.

Superior run blocker, utilizing quick off-the-ball movement and low pad level to gain leverage against opponents.

Powerful at the point of attack, able to generate movement and create running lanes through his strength.

Brings versatility with experience at both guard and center, offering teams flexibility in lineup configurations.

Demonstrates a potent combination of play strength and competitive toughness, enhancing team dynamics pre- and post-snap.


Is a little too much of a waist bender, and Frazier doesn’t play with ideal power and functional strength. Most concerning – he often gets caught dropping his head, a bad habit that will have to be corrected.

Lacks elite athleticism and quickness, which could limit effectiveness in schemes requiring extensive lateral movement or space work.

His arm length and lateral range are average, potentially giving an advantage to defenders with superior reach.

Struggles with strike timing and placement in pass protection, occasionally allowing defenders quick edge access.

Shows tightness in hips, affecting his dynamic movement and reactivity in confined spaces.

While proficient in many aspects, Frazier’s capacity to deal with highly explosive interior defenders on an island is somewhat constrained.


In 2023 as a senior Frazier saw action in 12 games and played a total of 806 snaps for the Mountaineers. He allowed 4 QB hurries, 3 QB hits, and no sacks. Throughout his time, Frazier demonstrated exceptional durability and skill, culminating in earning AP Second-Team All-Big 12 honors in 2022, alongside being a consistent Academic All-Big 12 member and securing the Iron Mountaineer Award twice for his off-season contributions. His senior year saw him invited to the Senior Bowl.

Projected as a reliable NFL starter, Frazier’s blend of toughness, intelligence, and technical proficiency positions him well for a successful professional career. While his ceiling may be tempered by physical limitations, his foundational skills and football IQ suggest a player capable of making a significant impact, especially within schemes that leverage his strengths. As teams assess his potential, Frazier’s comprehensive skill set, characterized by resilience and adaptability, makes him a high floor low-risk prospect.

Frazier is a plug and play center on most NFL teams. For the Buccaneers he would assume the starting job on day one.

Round- 3, Pick 89

Cedric Gray, LB, North Carolina

HT: 6’2
WT: 234 lbs


Second-team All-American (2022)

2x First-team All-ACC (2022, 2023)



Elite athletic skills — Made Bruce Feldman’s ‘Freaks List’ at number 41. He wrote: “At 6-3, 270, he has just 11.3 percent body fat, and he vertical-jumped 36.5 inches, broad-jumped 10 feet and bench pressed 390 pounds. This offseason, he topped over 20 mph on the GPS and did six pull-ups with a 70-pound belt attachment.”

Gray can be used as a rangy run defender inside, instinctive when it comes to locating the ball with the quickness to get to it before blockers can react at the second level.

He plays bigger than his listed size, with the functional strength and motor to take on and hold ground against much bigger blockers.

Has a compact build, but Gray is a crafty edge player who is very good against the run. He sets the edge and effectively wards off blocks with a strong core, powerful limbs, and natural leverage.

He has an excellent feel for working off blockers and knowing how and when to counter as the play goes on.

Accelerates rapidly and has a great feel for angles. He isn’t huge, but he packs a pop.

Gray has violent hands and consistently breaks away and disengages from blockers. He’s instinctive, reading, reacting and locating the ball quickly, and finishing plays as an authoritative, wrap-up tackler


He’ll need to be covered up to be effective. He’s not the kind of guy you can line up in the pass rush and have him bend the edge; he’s limited to shooting through gaps.

As a run defender, he’s too much of a grab-and-drag tackler, lacking violence and too frequently allowing running backs to escape.

He’s not a guy who can be put on the edge every down and be expected to consistently create pressure.


In 2023 as a senior Gray logged playing time in 12 games and logged a total of 880 snaps for the Tar Heels. He also added solid 80 tackles, 31 assists, and 54 stops. While in coverage Gray made 3 pass breakups, one interception, and QB rating when targetted of 79.0. As a pass rusher, he tallied 21 total pressures, which included 9 QB hurries, 7 QB hits, and 5 sacks on the season.

The Buccaneers have potentially two holes to fill at the linebacker position.With the Buccaneers having questions at the linebacker position in Lavonte David and Devin White’s future uncertain,, Gray would pair nicely with K.J. Britt.

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