Is TE Logan Thomas a Good Fit for the Buccaneers?


As I was browsing NFL and Buccaneers Twitter (as one does), I saw an interesting release that had me perk up a little bit. The Commanders have decided to cut veteran TE Logan Thomas.

The tight end market in free agency is pretty lackluster. The best one out there is probably Dalton Schultz, and I am not sold on him leaving CJ Stroud and the Texans. While tight end is not a super big concern, it is still an area that the Bucs should probably address. Cade Otton is fine, but as of right now, probably worse than Brate was at this point. Ko Kieft is basically another blocker and we don’t know about Payne Durham. Having another veteran in that room that won’t break the bank could be helpful.

I guess I should start with why the guy was cut. Surely he can’t be that good if he was cut by a team that will need receiving options for a likely rookie quarterback. Well, I couldn’t really find any specific reason. He has been somewhat injury-prone, but he still played 16 games last year and 14 the year before that. I think this is just a guy that they needed for cap space and wasn’t really adding enough to the offense.

The reason that I like Thomas is that he can provide a security blanket for Baker Mayfield without asking for much. He had 496 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns, which I know does not sound good. However, that is actually more than Cade Otton had in 2023. He had the same amount of touchdowns, but had 455 yards. Thomas at one point did have a solid season. Back in 2020, he had 6 touchdowns and over 600 yards. Not bad for a tight end.

I see Logan Thomas as a Cameron Brate type. The Buccaneers won’t be signing him to replace Otton, but as a complement in that tight end room. He can help Otton become a more reliable catcher and blocker. If the Buccaneers were to sign Thomas, it would likely be for a cheaper, one-year deal. He is a little older at 32, but he has shown he can still provide some value.

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