Potential Third-Round Draft Targets for the Buccaneers


If you have not been following along, in the last two articles we looked at three players in the first round that the Buccaneers could draft. Moreover, we looked at four more for the Buccaneers’ second-round pick. Well, now it’s time for the third round. In this situation the Buccaneers have two late second-rounders so we will look into six players I feel the Buccaneers could target in this round.

Two For The O-Line

It’s no secret this was a big weakness for the Buccaneers last season. So in this draft I fully expect them to fortify that group. Up first is the third-best center option in this year’s draft with Georgia Bulldog Sedrick Van-Pran. A model of consistency over his three years in the SEC is impressive. He’s only allowed one sack over 1,418 true pass-blocking snaps. He shows poise and football IQ in his tape. He’s physical, places his hands well, and has decent footwork. He could start.

Adding another offensive lineman here, we go with a small school prospect. Former South Dakota State Jackrabbit Mason McCormick could be the answer at left guard. He too is very consistent, allowing only two sacks over 1,256 pass-blocking plays. Though he’s played against lesser talent he too has a nasty demeanor and is scheme versatile. He could stand to put on some more weight and he’s a little rigid. A gamble here drafting him could help the offensive line. 

It’s In The Name

What’s in a name? Well, some names bring instant recognition. Like his father, USC wide receiver Brenden Rice has a superb understanding of the game that shows in some of the nuances you see him bring to his routes. He’s smooth, separates, and finds space against zone defenses. Add in his willingness to block and he should be selected much earlier if it were not for the depth of the wide receiver class this year. I feel as though he has a chance to jump many of the other wide receivers selected before him much like Puka Nacua did last season. 

Linebacker Help

With the departure of Devin White, the Buccaneers seem ready to move forward with K.J. Britt starting but they will need depth and a player to groom and replace Lavonte David with. Enter Marist Liufau of Notre Dame. As a speedy inside linebacker, he can find the ball carrier from miles away. He attacks with tenacity and sheds blocks to cut down runners. He does need to improve in coverage and his tackling needs to get better but he’s not being asked to start here.  

Adding Another Cade

To pair with Cade Otton the Buccaneers could add Cade Stover, tight end, Ohio State. Stover is an intriguing player. As a defensive convert, he has the athleticism and understanding of defenses to make him dangerous in the passing game. He has good size and speed. He’s a willing blocker, though he can improve in this area. In his last year, he hauled in 41 receptions for 576 yards for an average of 14 yards a reception. Those are chain-moving numbers. I feel he has a high floor and would be a solid second tight-end. This would also add to the efficiency of the offense in two tight-end sets. 

One-Two Punch

Another USC standout, MarShawn Lloyd, running back could be the thunder to Rachaad White’s lightning. He’s compact at 5’9” and 210 pounds with 4.46 speed to boot. Loyd can shake opponents at the second level and fall forward when being brought down. Add in 7.1 yards per pass with 3.9 coming after contact and you have the makings of a run game with White to run over and grind a defense into submission. With some improvements in his vision, he’ll become a great addition to the team.  

Final Thought

Any of the above would be a solid addition, but my gut tells me one of these picks, combined with the second rounder will be used to maneuver closer to the beginning of the second round to get a solid addition to the team. Either way, the draft will be a fun one to watch. 

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