BR’s 2024 Buccaneers 3-Round Mock Draft 6.0


It’s that time of year again Buccaneers fans! The NFL offseason, or silly-season as some would call it is here. That can only mean it’s time for some mock drafts.

Now that we are pretty much through with free agency, we have a better idea of what the Bucs draft needs are. The Pewter Pirates will most likely be looking to add an EDGE rusher, an interior offensive lineman, a linebacker and a cornerback. And that’s exactly what we did in this mock draft.

Round – 1, Pick 26

Nate Wiggins, DB, Clemson

HT: 6’1
WT: 174 lbs


First-team All-ACC (2023)



Incredible stopwatch speed – showcased by a 4.28 at the combine.

Combines height and arm length optimally for an outside cornerback role, providing a physical edge in coverage.

Proficient in both off-man and Cover 3 zone, utilizing a fluid press bail technique.

Excels at managing and contesting vertical routes, effectively maintaining positioning and showcasing competitive aggression at the catch point.

Demonstrates patience and strategic use of eye discipline and footwork in man coverage scenarios.

Quick to close space between himself and the receiver, effectively using the sideline as an additional defender on vertical routes.

Skilled in reading and reacting to route concepts from a distance, enhancing his ability to disrupt passes.

Displays excellent quickness and agility in his movements, with a knack for timing and anticipation in pass defense.

Capable of leveraging his physical attributes and coverage skills to limit offensive options and create challenging throwing lanes for quarterbacks.


Lacks optimal burst for recovery on vertical routes, potentially leaving space for separation.

While proficient in bail technique, his backpedal could be more fluid and less segmented.

Could show more enthusiasm and commitment in run defense, with tackling that is adequate but not exceptional.

Occasionally struggles with quick change of direction, impacting his effectiveness in certain coverage situations.

Would benefit from adding muscle mass to improve physicality, particularly in press coverage scenarios.


Nate Wiggins emerges as a potential top-five cornerback prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft, offering a compelling blend of physical attributes, with elite recovery speed, coverage skills, and football IQ. His height and arm length, combined with his proficiency in various coverage schemes. The Buccaneers have a glaring hole at the corner position following the trading of Carlton Davis Jr to the Detroit Lions. Wiggins has the ability to fill that hole.

Round – 2, Pick 57

Chris Braswell, EDGE, Alabama

HT: 6’3
WT: 255 lbs


Second-team All-SEC (2023)



In coverage, Braswell shows excellent awareness and anticipation when dropping back into zone, and he has the fluidity and speed to run with most tight ends over the middle.

Braswell shows good quickness off the line of scrimmage and flashes the violent hands to win around the edge.

Made Bruce Feldman’s Freak’s List – ranked #10. He wrote “Braswell (13 tackles in 2021) is the biggest Freak. At 6-3, 243, he squats 705 pounds and power-cleaned 405 pounds this offseason. He also vertical-jumped 38.5 inches.”

Coordinated footwork and balance. Makes more plays in pass coverage than expected because of his natural football instincts.

Good closing speed with long arms to drag down quarterbacks and running backs.

He has the fluid movement skills and speed to turn and run in coverage against tight ends.

Braswell has ability as a blitzer, with the length and flexibility to get around the edge.


Generally an effective openfield tackler but doesn’t wrap up consistently. Shows only average awareness in coverage.

Braswell also has a tendency to be too aggressive attacking downhill, and Braswell can be beat on counter plays and cutbacks.

Limited vision and is easily fooled by misdirection. Lacks range and lateral agility in coverage.


As a sophomore for the Crimson Tide in 2022 Braswell played in 12 games and took part in 283 snaps for the Crimson Tide. He recorded 11 tackles, 2 assists, while adding 11 stops. As a pass rusher, he chalked up 27 total pressures, and 19 QB hurries, 4 QB hits, and 4 sacks during the year.

In 2023 as a junior Braswell played in 13 games and contributed on 534 snaps. He recorded 21 tackles, 14 assists while making 24 stops. In coverage Braswell chalked up no pass breakups, one interception, and QB rating when targetted of 90.6. As a pass rusher, he produced 54 total pressures, which included 31 QB hurries, 10 QB hits, and an outstanding 13 sacks on the year. You can never have enough pass-rushers.

The Buccaneers desperately need to get to the quarterback if they expect to be successful. Adding Braswell to the Buccaneers will instantly improve the team’s depth at the EDGE position.

Round – 3, Pick 89

Jeremiah Trotter Jr, LB, Clemson

HT: 6’0
WT: 230 lbs


Second-team All-American (2022)

First-team All-ACC (2023)



Trotter is competitive and plays energetically, often overcoming bigger blockers with his motor.

He shows good speed and closing burst when blitzing.

Has the combination of size and athleticism worthy of development.

He has enough speed to chase and run in pursuit. He has the overall athleticism to hold up in space when dropping into coverage.

Trotter chases well in pursuit, and Trotter has the athleticism to play in space if asked to drop into coverage.

Quick to read run, showing good agility and speed to get past blockers and finish. Experienced in coverage and gets a strong jam on outside receivers.


Trotter could improve his ability to anchor against the run, as he sometimes struggles at the point of attack.

He’s not a guy who can be put on the edge every down and be expected to consistently create pressure.

While he shows persistence in the pass rush, he could benefit from increased functional strength to effectively disengage and avoid being pushed past the pocket.


In 2023 as a junior Trotter Jr. played in 12 games and contributed on 689 snaps. He recorded decent 54 tackles, 24 assists while making 37 stops. In coverage Trotter Jr. chalked up 2 pass breakups, 2 interceptions, and QB rating when targetted of 82.7. As a pass rusher, he produced 27 total pressures, which included 13 QB hurries, 7 QB hits, and 7 sacks on the year.

The Buccaneers saw linebacker Devin White leave via free agency. Lavonte David isn’t getting any younger. Adding Trotter Jr to the Buccaneers at this pick is a no-brainer.

Round – 3, Pick 92

Christian Mahogany, IOL, Boston College

HT: 6’3
WT: 314 lbs


Second-team All-ACC (2021)

First-team All-ACC (2023)



Brings a physical, aggressive approach to the game, using his strength to overpower defenders.

Skilled in executing double-team and combo blocks, demonstrating quickness and precision.

Effective in pass protection with the ability to absorb power and neutralize rushers.

Displays remarkable recovery quickness, maintaining engagement through his reach.

Excels as a puller and in screen plays, moving fluidly to create openings for runners.

Utilizes stiff, strong hands to disrupt defenders’ momentum and protect the quarterback.

Adept at identifying and adjusting to stunts and twists, maintaining solid defensive fronts.

Embodies a mauler’s mentality, with the drive and power to finish blocks aggressively.


Struggles with consistent footwork, especially against complex defensive movements.

Tends to overset against crafty rushers, leading to vulnerabilities in pass protection.

Needs to enhance spatial awareness to avoid creating gaps in the offensive line.

Occasionally plays beyond his center of gravity, making him susceptible to counters.

Lacks the lateral quickness to effectively handle edge-to-edge rushers in pass protection.


In 2020 as a freshman Mahogany saw action in 10 games and played a total of 706 snaps for the Eagles. He allowed 8 QB hurries, 3 QB hits, and 3 sacks while playing at left guard.

As a sophomore in 2021 he played in 11 games and a total of 706 snaps. He conceded 4 QB hurries, 2 QB hits, and one sack while playing at right guard.

In 2023 after overcoming a torn ACL the year before Mahogany saw action in 12 games and totaled 862 snaps. He gave up 7 QB hurries, no QB hits, and no sacks while playing most of his snaps at right guard, as a result, he secured First-team All-ACC honors in 2023.

I know, I know, you’ve been screaming interior offensive line. Unfortunately this particular draft board didn’t work out that way for the Buccaneers. But don’t sleep on Mahogany. He’s definitely to win and keep a starting position on this team.

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