Dolphins vs Panthers preseason recap


The Carolina Panthers have lost yet another player. DE Frank Alexander suffered a torn right Achilles tendon and will miss the 2015 season. This comes as another devastating blow, following the Panthers recent loss of their star wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin.  Alexander suffered this debilitating injury on the 4th play of the game.


Cam Newton Completed only 4 of 10 passes  for 42 yards and 1 interception. With star wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin out, Carolina’s now, sub par receiver corps gives Cam little hope for success this season.The only possible light at the end of this dismal tunnel, would be that WR Devin Funchess Will step up and be a viable replacement for Benjamin. Devin Funchess also  had sustained a prior injury to his hamstring. 

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill looked pretty good against the starting Panther defense, completing 12 of 15 passes for 102 yards and a touchdown. Miami’s first 3 possessions bode well for them as they get two touchdowns and are forced to punt only once.

The Miami Dolphins have another running back wearing that old number 34 and his name is also Williams. Damien Williams showed a Ricky Williams quality of  rushing as he finds the end zone in the first half against the panthers!

Former Buccaneer quarterback Josh Freeman throws a 56 yard touchdown pass to Gerell Robinson!  That video is here:Freeman to Robinson 56 yard TD


It would not be enough to win this game the Panthers, even with a sub par receiver staff and injuries would come out winning the game 31-30