Matt Hasselbeck beats the Texans while fighting infection


That’s the sign of a season QB, doing whatever is necessary to play the game and play he did. He only threw for 213 yards, but he had 2 TD’s and no INT’s and completed the game with a 107.4 Qb rating, that is pretty impressive for a backup QB, let alone the condition he was in. You can ask a lot of your quarterback, but what Hasselbeck did was above and beyond in my book. Good Show Old Man!

“Hasselbeck’s performance is singularly remarkable. Not only do backup quarterbacks generally flop, crusty old ones sure aren’t expected to play the toughest position in sports with aplomb. Not only is Hasselbeck 40, he also spent the short week dealing with a bacterial infection, which hospitalized him for a night and caused half his week to be spent on a toilet. He took IVs just to function.” -Kevin Patra

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