How bout those Saints?


I watched the Saints vs Falcon game and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I believed the Saints could beat the Falcons and even picked them to win. But the defensive display by the Saints on Thursday night did not look like anything I’ve seen from them this season. The total devastation by the Saints defense was incredible. Blocking punts, scoring on defense, sacking Matt Ryan and holding Julio Jones to only 93 yards and 0 TD’s; makes you wonder exactly ‘ WHO DEY ‘?  Does this mean the Saints are on a season-turning win and will make a run at the top of the NFC South? Don’t hold your breath. While this is still an incredible win, the fact remains, every dog has its day. And we Buc fans thank you for that day! 

“For at least one night, the New Orleans Saints turned back the clock to their glory years. Thursday’s 31-21 victory over the previously undefeated Atlanta Falcons included so many of the familiar Saints ingredients of the last decade. Drew Brees was precise while throwing for 312 yards. The defense forced three turnovers. The starting tight end dominated, and the game was even kickstarted by a punt block touchdown that was awfully reminiscent of that blocked punt in 2006.” – Gregg Rosenthal

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