Jameis Winston starting to show Veteran qualities, already.


I can hardly believe that I too, see a veteran quality in Jameis Winston. I was one of those that did not want to draft a QB number 1 overall. I was perfectly content with giving Glennon the starting job. But, Jameis is starting to grow on me. I am seeing him actually improve every week. He still makes dumb rookie mistakes and some of those were just incredibly stupid, but, all in all he actually seems to be learning from his mistakes and you can see that week to week. It seems he finally overcame the “I have to make every play a big one” attitude and that’s a great thing. You are not quite there, yet buddy. And hopefully, as he starts to calm down, he will not throw any more pick sixes. I’ve said it before that I have seen flashes of excellence in the young man out of FSU and I still believe it is there, waiting to come out and shine to the world. I think our return game against the Redskins will be the breakout game we have been waiting for. I am like a lot of seasoned Buccaneers fans and am not 100% sold on anything yet, But enjoy our team whether we win or lose. However, more and more I am starting to really like this kid Jameis Winston out of FSU, And believe we might just have found our franchise QB. Plus you can also trademark his facial expressions. Even if we are losing a tough game, they make it a lil easier.    Ps. I still like Mike Glennon.

“He’s just an ultra competitor, and everybody had his back [after Carolina]. These guys love playing for him,” Licht said of Jameis. “This offense has an edge to it, in terms of toughness, and it starts with him. I mean, they just love blocking for him. They love playing with him. And he’s got a veteran, you know, just a veteran aura about him on the sidelines. That’s really tough to find, as you guys know.”– Report from JoeBucsFan

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