When will the last undefeated teams finally lose?


That would be a historic event if more than one team actually finished a season undefeated. but of course there can be only one in the end. That would be one exciting Superbowl if two undefeated teams squared off for the Lombardi.

“There were six undefeated teams heading into Week 6, but the Falcons were the first to fall, leaving five. So when will the streak end for the five remaining undefeated teams? Of course, we can’t expect all these teams to finish the year 16-0. But if there is ever going to be a season in which multiple teams go undefeated, then this one, with more than half the games every week seeming to feature incompetent quarterback play and dumbfounding coaching, would seem to be it.” – Report by Yaron Weitzman

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