BucsReport’s Fan Feature #1


Fan feature is a portion of Bucsreport.com, where fans can submit anything to us about the Buccaneers. Whether it is a personal story about your favorite memories of the Buccaneers or a News report, we would love to hear from you and read your story. You can submit either here: Writers Wanted or  you can submit through private message here: BucsReportCommunity. If you are writing a story that is based on a personal experience, we encourage that you send along photos pertaining to that experience. It adds flavor to every story when you add a picture(s).  🙂

Congrats to Bryan Carman first Fan Feature for Bucs Report

We appreciate you taking the time to write and submit a story. Here’s to you Bryan!


“I was very grateful for the chance to meet a real-life hero, Tony Dungy.
Tony Dungy is originally from Jackson, Michigan. A friend and I drove from Holland, Michigan to hear Coach Dungy speak at his former Highschool. It was such an incredible moment for my friend and I. It was so such a fun experience getting the chance to listen to the great Tony Dungy, speak. I also had the chance to put some money into different boxes in the hopes of winning some prizes. Well, all of the prizes were gone except for one autographed Keyshawn Johnson jersey, in which I had won! I got the chance to stand in front of over 2,000 people and Tony Dungy shook my hand while handing me the jersey I had just won!  Afterwards, I was Able to have my picture taken with coach Dungy and even was able to chat with him for a bit. He really is a great guy and a down to Earth man. He is such a very friendly person! Recently, I had sold the jersey that I won that day, for $100 to a gentleman who lived in Germany. I used that money to buy myself a Jameis Winston jersey!  the speaking event I attended happened prior to Coach Dungy being released as our beloved coach for our Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I just wanted to share my very special Buccaneers moment with all of my fellow fans! GO Bucs!!!” – Story By Bryan L. Carman

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