Mike Evans to be more involved in the offense.


Mike Evans missed a few practices and one game with a hamstring injury and has a lot of fans feeling that he is a no show. But even his breakout rookie season started off slow. Give the young man some time. He did have a 7 reception 107-yard game against the Texans. He just needs to find the end zone. Once he finds his comfort level, I’m pretty sure we will see a lot more production from, Mike Evans. And that should ultimately stop the finger pointing.

”When you have multiple guys that need touches, it doesn’t always work out perfect,” Koetter added. ”We have to do what we have to do to try to win games. … I’m sure Mike is a little bit frustrated. … We’ve been down this road before with other guys. We’ve just got to get him started. There is nothing he is doing wrong. He’s playing hard, he’s practicing hard.” -Fox News reports

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