Donteea Dye from NO WHERE to SOME WHERE


Recently activated, Donteea Dye debuted in his first regular season game, Sunday. And made an outstanding touchdown catch. With Luis Murphy out for the season, we will most likely see more of  Donteea Dye.

“Long before he made the leap from tiny Heidelberg University to the Bucs’ 53-man roster, there was a time even Division III football seemed like a long shot for Donteea Dye. Tell Dye he can’t do something, he sets forth to prove you wrong. He struggled catching deep balls early in college, so he started carrying a tennis ball around campus. He squeezed it as he studied to improve his grip strength, he bounced it for hand-eye coordination, and he even learned to juggle to help him learn to catch when other things could distract him.” – Reported by Greg Auman

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