Doug Martin: Trade rumors to the Panthers?


It is still unconfirmed whether or not Doug Martin is on the trading block. But, I am in agreement with Joe. I wouldn’t think Doug Martin would be on the trade block, considering he is having a great season and is number three in the NFL for rushing. But there is always that little inkling of doubt in my mind as the Buccaneers did not want to give Doug Martin the big contract, this season and the Doug Martin’s history hasn’t been exactly solid. I hope they do not trade Doug Martin, but there is always the possibility that he could test the free-agent waters in the offseason. It’s not like Tampa jumped all over resigning him earlier this  year. 

“To the best of Joe’s knowledge, Doug Martin is not on the trading block. And no, to the best of Joe’s knowledge, he has not been traded. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen.” – JoeBucsFan

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