Jameis Winston is now the leader of the Buccaneers


There is no denying that Jameis Winston is the topic of most Buccaneers conversations. Observations have been made, time and time again, that Jameis is stepping into the role as leader of the Buccaneers. The team has also, made these observations, and are willing to follow Jameis Winston, as their leader. It will not be long, until, Jameis Winston becomes the official captain of this football team.

“I think as a quarterback, you get into a situation where it’s tied or you’re behind, you need to go on a drive,” Smith said. “For our team to see Jameis lead us  on that did an awful lot. We’ve talked about him moving more and more into that role. Every quarterback on every team has to be one  of the primary leaders and we’re seeing that.” “We’re going to go where he wants us to go,’’ center Joe Hawley said. “That’s the NFL for you, it’s all about having a good quarterback. He’s improving each week and we’re ready to follow.’’ – Reported by Rick Stroud

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