Jameis: no turnovers Buccaneers: too many FG’s


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could find the end zone just one time on Sunday. They had to settle for field goals to get the majority of the points they scored.


“In the end, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers left too many points off the board. The Bucs’ inability to score touchdowns instead of kick field goals contributed to a 32-18 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday at Raymond James Stadium. They reached or moved inside the Giants’ 10-yard line three times in the first half, but they came away with just nine points to show for it. The Bucs will wonder what could have been in what was a winnable game. A matchup that seemed to have shootout potential didn’t unfold that way. Jameis Winston threw for 249 yards and Eli Manning had 213. Still, both defenses did enough to place their respective offenses in a position to win.” – Report by  Andrew Astleford

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