Jameis Winston continues to show up every week


Once again no turnovers for the rookie quarterback. Jameis played an excellent game as the usual and would have had a career performance if wide receiver Mike Evans was able to catch the ball. Jameis did everything in his power to get the Buccaneers down the field and into scoring position. But, was only able to capitalize on a QB run for a touchdown and a handful of field goals.

“In a fitting tribute, the Bucs honored an astronaut before Sunday’s game. About three hours later, we had liftoff. Jameis Winston angled toward the goal line and went up, up and away. He flew the last three yards, holding the ball over his head. Winston splashed down just inside the pylon. The 10-yard run cut the New York Giants’ lead to two points and should have propelled the Bucs to a win.” – Reported by David Whitley

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