Staubach says he wouldn’t want Greg hardy for a teammate


The NFL had a different set of morals to go by in Staubach’s day. A player who had done what Greg Hardy has done, off the field, Would have stayed off the field, permanently. 

“Greg Hardy remains a hot-button topic in the NFL, a week after Deadspin published photo evidence of injuries sustained by Hardy’s ex-girlfriend in a domestic violence incident. In a Wednesday appearance on NFL HQ, Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach was asked if he believed Hardy should be playing for the Cowboys. “I’m a former Dallas Cowboys player, so I don’t know him and I haven’t dealt with him,” Staubach began. “As far as how I feel about it, I wouldn’t particularly want someone on my team that had the issues that he has. Again, that is somebody that hasn’t sat down with Hardy, to say, ‘Is your life going in the right direction right now?'” -Reported by Dan Hanzus

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