Doug Martin was not the problem in loss to the Colts


Most Bucs fans were yelling and screaming at the tv during the second-half, on Sunday, “Give Doug Martin the dang ball!” But in reality they couldn’t give “Doug Martin the dang ball!”, Like they were in the First half.

“In all, Martin got three carries in the second half, one of them nullified by penalty. That’s not much compared to the 13 (one nullified) he got in the first half, but the discrepancy was more the result of circumstance than any oversight on the Bucs’ part. Sometimes, games just go a certain way. Giving Martin one or two more carries likely wouldn’t have done much, given the consistent run blitzes the Colts were sending, and there was never a realistic opportunity for more than five carries in the half.” – Reported by Sander Philipse

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