Cam Newton is the best player in the NFL?


He is a great ball player. Extremely talented, but as far as being the best in the NFL, I would have to say no. However, he and his team have earned the right to be undefeated and deserve to be the number one seed.

“Newton probably sealed the MVP award Sunday evening, as Brady’s Patriots crumbled in New England and his Carolina Panthers bowed their backs in New Orleans and beat the Saints, 41-38, despite a 14-0 deficit. That loopy delight in the Superdome allowed Newton to showcase the breadth of his talent. He rifled five touchdown passes, but the sheer numbers cannot do justice to how he threw them. He rocketed them. He launched them.  Whether his feet are set or he’s backpedaling, the velocity and accuracy of his passes are unmatched in the NFL.” – Reported by Adam Kilgore

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