The NFL hasn’t fined Bruce Arians ,yet.


Stafford was fined $5,787 for wearing blue shoes. Martellus Bennett had been fined $5,787 for his shoes being too black. Pittsburg Steelers cornerback, William Gay  had been  fined $5,787 for his purple shoes he wore to bring awarness to domestic violence, during the Domestic Violence Awarness Month. And the list goes on and on. So why hasn’t the Cardinals coach been fined? This might be favortism at its best. I do not think even Tom Brady could pull that off.

“The NFL is usually so strict about wearing only authorized apparel that players get fined for infractions as innocuous as wearing socks of the wrong color, or even for trying to bring attention to a good cause with a particular color of shoes. But the league has apparently given Cardinals coach Bruce Arians a free pass. Arians wore a Kangol hat, rather than an NFL-licensed cap, during Thursday night’s game against the Vikings.” – Reported by Michael David Smith

More on this one here: Bruce Arians hasn’t been fined “yet” for non-NFL hat