Never let go of the football


In this league, you never stop playing until you hear the whistle blown, everyone knows that. Especially, when it’s for the easiest touchdown of  your rookie career. But evidently, Donteea Dye had to be reminded of this. We were lucky that the situation turned out to be in our favor, but could have gone horribly wrong. And after a healthy ear chewing, maybe Donteea Dye will learn to wait for the whistle to be blown, before making the bonehead play of the year.


“In a span of about 3 seconds Thursday night, Buccaneers wide receiver Donteea Dye brought in one heck of a catch in between two Rams defenders, came inches away from crossing over the goal line for a touchdown, and threw the ball away without realizing he was never ruled down by the officials. Luckily for Dye, his teammate scooped up the loose football and the Buccaneers quickly cashed in for a fourth-quarter touchdown. Still, that didn’t stop Jameis Winston from giving Dye a piece of his mind after the play.” – Reported by Sean Wagner-McGough  

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