The Buccaneers would like Jameis to better manage his emotions


The passion Jameis Winston has seething from every pore, is amazing, but could be a fault as well. I can appreciate the level of intensity and the energy Jameis brings to the Buccaneers. It is a welcomed and refreshing change, but he should simmer down, just a little bit. And as he gains experience and embraces his, already primed veteran qualities, he will be a force for many years to come. 


“Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston has been lauded for his passion on the field this season, but offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter said the rookie had moments in Thursday’s loss to the Rams where he needed to rein himself in with officials and opponents.” “The thing I talked to Jameis about is Jameis is the guy who should be keeping his cool no matter what happens on the field,” Koetter said. “There were a few times that we had, more than just one player, more than just Jameis, too worried about the officials and not worried enough about playing or too worried about talking to the opponents. None of that’s going to help us win.” -Reported by Greg Auman

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