Jeremiah George blocks punt to set up go ahead touch down


Tampa seemed flatter than 10-year-old soda on offense and defense. But, one player still had a fire lit. Like Jerimiah George, who slipped through the Bears special teams line to block the punt and set up the go-ahead score.

“Jeremiah George victimized the Chicago Bears with the old 1-2 punch Sunday. The second-year Bucs linebacker blocked a punt in the first quarter, setting it up by executing a savvy plan that began with Chicago’s opening possession. George knifed in from the right side unblocked and basically smothered the punt directly off the foot of Patrick O’Donnell, who never had a chance. The ball caromed to Chicago’s 4-yard line, where George tried to grab it with one hand. Instead, teammate Howard Jones fell on the ball.” – Reported by Ira Kaufman

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