Mike Glennon won’t be traded this year either.



Looks like Mike Glennon will remain a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. After two seasons of trade rumor and no trade, Mike Glennon will be left out of the rumor mill this time. You cannot ask for a better backup QB, Glennon is fully capable of heading off to another team and becoming the starter. I would rather not face Mike Glennon as an opponent, but I do believe the young man deserves another shot as a starter. But, we all know that will not happen here, in Tampa.

“Mike Glennon is entering the final year of his contract. The former third-round pick has started 18 games in his career with solid results for a backup, and mediocre results for a starter. And with Jameis Winston in town, he’s not about to get another opportunity as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ starting quarterback. A trade would make a lof of sense, then — but the Bucs won’t be doing that, according to Pewter Report.”– Report by Sander Philipse 

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