Cam walks out of post game conference


Looks like Cam Newton’s inner Diva showed brightly as he walks out of a Post game conference after hearing Chirs Harris Jr. of the Broncos, discussing winning the Super Bowl. 

“Cam Newton’s postgame news conference spawned an overflow of hot takes after the NFL’s 2015 MVP answered questions in a clipped manner and walked off after less than three minutes. The setup for the postgame interviews did Newton and the distraught Panthers no favors after the jarring 24-10 loss to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. Both teams were set up quite close to each other, leading to Panthers hearing the joyous boasts of Broncos players. Just before walking off, Newton appears to overhear Denver corner Chris Harris on the other side of a separating curtain discussing the defense’s game plan of forcing the Panthers to throw the ball. Microphones in front of Newton also picked up Harris’ comments. The quarterback looks toward Harris’ direction before walking off.” – Reported by Kevin Patra

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