Afro Thunder to be the speed receiver we’ve always wanted?


KR/PR/WR/Cornhusker turned Buccaneer, Kenny Bell has amazing flight speed, and lightning fast reflexes. The drastic change in scenery, last season played a major role in Bell’s abnormally large amounts of drops in practice, and the injury he sustained kept him out all season. But, it’s a new season, and everyone is healthy and ready to go. Kenny Bell’s lightning fast speed should be what the doctor ordered, as long as he can catch the ball; something speedy rookie Donteea Dye could not do last season.

“I think the number one thing that is going to help me is throwing with No. 3,” Bell said. “Having a relationship with your quarterback and not just playing the game, but intellectually knowing what’s going on. That’s what is really going to benefit our team and our offense the most. That’s the number one thing I’m going to be working on this offseason – getting together and working with Jameis. By no means am I alone in that. We have a room full of guys that are looking forward to that.”

“Getting Jackson and Murphy back will add to Tampa Bay’s explosiveness in 2016, but the addition of Bell can’t be discounted, either. Of the 10 receivers currently on the Bucs roster, Bell had the fastest 40-yard dash time coming out of college: 4.38 -Reported by Scott Reynolds

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